Building Antifragility from within

What deters established companies from exploring new business like their newer, less established but more agile and technologically advanced counterparts? Could they find their own methods for communicating and working with different facets of the organization? What if they could conduct their jobs-to-be-done through intrapreneurship?

We consider intrapreneurship to be an artform, a transformative medium for established organizations to leverage external insights for their own benefit. Getting these specific jobs-to-be-done amidst evolving market truths and a partial blindness to change requires more than a set of tools. Like other artforms, Intrapreneurship has the potential to embrace chaos and handle complexity as a means to develop something noteworthy, over and over again. Intrapreneurship frees an organization to discover chaotic instances and build antifragility from within.

Struggling to keep up with rapid changes in the market? Fragility prohibits meeting the challenges ahead.

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